The Movies You Don't Want To Miss Over Christmas

Christmas and movies go together like new toys and unsupplied batteries. Whether it’s the annual viewing of a festive classic you could recite in your sleep, or escaping the Christmas madness in a darkened room for a few hours, it’s a highlight for many. But which to choose? Coach is here to save Christmas with the 10 best films you can see in the cinema over the next month.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

You must watch this, because it’ll barely be January before people will be screaming “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN STAR WARS YET?” into your ears. There’s not much more to say about it other than it’s going to be massive, regardless of the fact that it’s actually just a spin-off from the main Star Wars storyline that you all know, love and worryingly obsess over. However, this one does feature kung-fu superstar Donnie Yen in a prominent role, and that’s most definitely something to get excited about. In cinemas December 16


This sci-fi concerns two attractive people (Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt) who wake from a long cryo-sleep on a spaceship still 90 years from its destination. Then, because they’re both impossibly beautiful, they fall in love. And there are explosions. In cinemas December 21

Donnie Darko

Does anyone understand Donnie Darko? The answer is no. We can all agree that it’s great, though. To celebrate its 15th anniversary it’s been given a 4k makeover for a limited run in cinemas. Exclusively at the BFI from Dec 17, then cinemas nationwide from Dec 23

Collateral Beauty

Feast your eyes on the cast list: Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Michael Peña, Naomie Harris, Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren. This follows a bloke who writes letters and receives unexpected responses. Schmaltzy, but it is Christmas. In cinemas December 26


Everybody likes Elf, and it’s traditional to watch it every year – a pastime that has led to many people knowing the film off by heart. If you fall into this bracket, then head down to the Prince Charles Cinema with other Elf experts for screenings which encourage you to talk along with the film. If that sounds like a nightmare, the same cinema also provides quieter screenings which come with a free mince pie and mulled wine. Try shouting: “You sit on a throne of lies!” in the middle of these as well. Screenings in Prince Charles Cinema throughout December

Why Him?

Everything Bryan Cranston stars in is gold, just by virtue of having him in it. His latest film concerns “Branston” meeting his daughter’s new boyfriend, played by James Franco on wonderfully obnoxious form, and a hilarious war breaks out between them. In cinemas December 26

Assassin’s Creed

Michael Fassbender headlines this video game adap as a bloke on death row whom is trained by a shadowy organisation to defeat some bad guys; he does this by running about on rooftops in a hoodie. This will rule the box office as we leap into 2017. In cinemas January 1

A Monster Calls

One hell of a weepie, this concerns a young lad with a dying mother who is visited by a giant tree (played by a baritone Liam Neeson) who tells him stories. Maybe not the most cheery film with which to start 2017, but weirdly uplifting all the same. In cinemas January 1


A historical epic from Martin Scorsese about a pair of Jesuit priests who travel to Japan in search of their mentor (Neeson again – he really does have a particular set of skills). It’s all very epic and tragic, so will please the Academy by the look of things. In cinemas January 1

The Eagle Huntress

If you fancy something less Hollywood, try this fascinating documentary. It follows a 13-year-old Mongolian girl who is to become the first female eagle hunter in her country. A story of family, danger and rising up against an outdated patriarchy. In cinemas December 16

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