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Cutting your hair at home

  • 'An easy way to make your cut look refreshed is to give your neck hair a trim. This will tidy-up the overall cut and make the hair at the back of your head fall more smoothly.'
  • 'Sideburns can be easily trimmed at home. A weekly tidy-up will keep your hairstyle looking fresher between salon visits.'
  • 'If you need to trim your hair make sure you point cut rather than cutting in straight lines. This will help give the cut a loose and grown-out look and allow for a few mishaps. Cutting in a straight line will only lead to a disaster.'
  • 'If you have thick hair, it’s easier than you think to take the weight out of it. Simply twist the hair and point cut into it. This will create natural layers and movement.'

Getting a cheaper cut at the salon

  • Find out if your regular salon runs in-house training. Salons will normally train their staff on their quietest days, Monday and Tuesday. You can get a free ‘model haircut’ by a trainee who will be closely supervised by one of the experienced staff, ensuring you are happy with the final cut. The only down side is that these cuts normally take twice as long.'
  • 'Junior Stylists who have just started on the salon floor will offer discounted rates. They work regular hours including weekends.'
  • 'Don’t be afraid of asking for advice, a stylist should be open to showing you how to create different looks and providing tips on maintaining your hair. Whilst you are in the salon chair, fire questions at your stylist and get the most out of your time with them.'
  • 'If you pay more for your haircut it will generally last longer so it's better to go for a more expensive cut less frequently.'
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