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The trouble with most kettlebells is that they don't offer a way to progress. And the trouble with most 'selectorised' kettlebells is that the separate weights spin off-puttingly or smash into your forearm during exercises. Not so the 10bell. Not only does it take mere seconds to switch between different weights, but the bell feels stable whatever weight you're using. Although a maximum weight of 12kg isn't a lot if you're already used to kettlebell swinging, the convenience and ingenuity of the 10bell makes it a superb gadget in MF's book.
How to swing
Fine-tune your workouts with Great Britain Kettlebell Association head instructor Ben Walker (

Forget your arms
'The power in a kettlebell swing is generated from the glutes, hamstrings and lower back,' says Walker. 'You swing it by driving out of a half squat to a standing position - you can relax your arms completely.'

Make like a clock
'A swing is like a pendulum: the motion travels along the limbs and is biggest at the end. Let the natural motion return the bell - don't fight it down.'

Eight is enough
Ready for something more advanced? 'In a wide squat position, pass the kettlebell in a figure eight around your legs,' says Walker. 'This provides isometric tension in the legs while building co-ordination and balance.'
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