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These days keeping up with your social networking site updates, texts and calls is like painting the Forth Bridge - you work your way through steadily and, when you get to the end, it's time to start all over again. Not so with the HTC Desire, a new smartphone with a 94mm touchscreen. It's packed with features that make managing your work and social life easier, such as streaming updates from individual contacts and offering work features that aren't pale imitations of their computer cousins.
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Use your handset to do more than call, with editor Clare Hopping.
Streamline your social life
Having to separately check your friends' Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts to keep up to date is time consuming. 'Use HTC's Friend Stream App to pull all your contacts' updates into one place,' suggests Hopping. 'You can also use it to update your own social networks simultaneously.'
Set your own work hours
'You want to be able to work when it suits you, so sync your handset with your email account to get access to your emails and calendar functions when you need them. Any changes you make to contacts will also be updated instantly on your phone and computer.'

Connect your gadgets
If you can't get your work done on your mobile, you can still use it to power your office on the go. 'By connecting the handset to your laptop you can use it as a router and get a respectable 7.2Mbps download speed using the 3G connection,' says Hopping.
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