Best smartphone running gadgets

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1. Adidas miCoach PACER bundle

Loads of running apps record your runs while measuring speed and distance. But by relying solely on your phone’s GPS they don't give you a well-rounded picture of how you're performing. Not so the Adidas miCoach PACER bundle - it uses a stride sensor combined with a light, inobtrusive heart rate monitor for overall analysis. It also has a personal trainer feature that sets audible training goals. The voice sounds a little patronising at first, but it’s a helpful tool for encouraging you to up the pace. Finally, all your run data can be uploaded to the miCoach website where it’s analysed and presented visually, making it easy to accurately monitor your progress and set future goals.

2. Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth headphones

Music is a powerful motivation tool for most runners, but slipping earbuds and wayward cables can cause unwelcome distractions. Specifically designed for running, these tiny wireless headphones cause no such problems. The light buds stay firmly in place thanks to a rubber grip that sits in the contours of the ear, while sweat-proof controls make adjusting volume, skipping tracks and answering calls easy to do without interrupting your flow. Crucially, the Freedom Sprints also deliver crisp, punchy sound to confidently cement their position as one of the best pairs of earphones currently available for running.

3. Mophie Juice Pack Air


There's nothing more annoying than going for a long run and having your iPhone run out of juice half way through. Goodbye the ability to contact anyone in case you get injured, goodbye to being able to work out where you are when you get lost and goodbye to that moral-boosting music you use to get you through the deepest, darkest bits of a run. The Juice Pack puts paid to that because it's a case that doubles as a rechargeable battery. When fully charged it almost doubles the life of your phone. And because it's made of rock hard plastic it does a good job of protecting your precious handset if you drop it while trying to change tracks. The only downsides are that it takes a long time to charge and does make your phone a little bulkier - closer to Samsung Galaxy size.

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