Essential running kit

running kit
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Runmeter for iPhone

The Runmeter app uses GPS to track time, distance, elevation and speed. All data can be shared on Facebook or Twitter and viewed on maps, graphs and calendars that display stats by day, week, month and year. You can also race against your previous times or import other people’s. There aren't many run tracking apps out there as comprehensive as this.




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Nike LunarElite+ 2

The LunarElite+ 2 lessens jarring impacts thanks to its cushioning Lunarlon core, the seam-free upper has finger-like panels that hug the foot and eliminate chafing and your ankle is protected by thick memory foam. When you're pounding the pavement it feels light and grippy – just what you want if you're going for a new PB.



Oxygen pump

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POWERbreathe Plus

This clever device works by getting you to breathe against a controlled resistance, which you increase once your lungs become comfortable with it. As you push up through different resistances you'll significantly improve your lung capacity, which means you'll be able to pump more fuelling oxygen around your body when you're running.



foam roller

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Trigger Point Therapy Grid foam roller

Cheaper than a series of sports massages but just as effective, foam rollers are excellent at working out troublesome muscle knots after a heavy training session. This particular roller has sections that mimic palms, fingers and fingertips so you can target knots of different sizes. And because it's made from durable EVA foam, it will keep its shape even if you use it every day.



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