Don't use these gym machines!

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‘It may give your pecs a brief boost, but the pec deck (pictured) puts the shoulder joint in an unstable position, placing excessive strain on the connective tendons and muscles, especially the rotator cuffs if you can’t avoid the temptation to go heavy.’
Do this instead: Dumb-bell flye

‘Muscles in the body work in pairs, so failing to strengthen the glutes while isolating the adductors can result in a harmful imbalance in muscle strength and flexibility, which can lead to hip and knee problems. People also go too heavy and allow their hips to swing back to the start position far too quickly.’
Do this instead: Sumo squat

‘This targets only the top layer of the abs because a seated position prevents the involvement of the deep-lying muscles that are vital to core strength. Using only this machine can produce the appearance of a pot belly since any muscle you grow will sit on top of the softer muscle underneath.’
Do this instead: Crunch and jackknife

So you now know what machines to avoid, but what about foods you should be steering clear of? We've got you covered with our tips on the nutrition nasties you should ditch from your diet .
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