Opposing targets

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After a long hard day at work, heading to a sweaty weights roomprobably isn’t the first thing you want to do. But you know you can’tslack off in your quest for bigger, better muscles. So why not usesupersets to cut your workout time, increase the intensity and getbetter results, faster?
Supersets work by doubling your effort,with back-to-back sets of different exercises. But because theseexercises are arranged to recruit different muscle groups, you canmaintain the intensity and hit your workout goals in less time. Theworkouts over the next three pages have been arranged to pit opposingmuscle groups or movements against each other, usually along the sameplanes of movement so each exercise lays off the muscle fibres you’vejust targeted and turns up the heat on others.
Remember to eat ahigh-protein meal (20-30g protein) within two hours of working out soyour body can repair the micro-tears in your muscles in time for thenext visit to the gym. If you haven’t already seen our expert nutritionadvice, visit our experts page for some ideas on how to fuel yourworkouts.

How to do this workout

Do eachworkout once a week, leaving at least one day’s rest between thedifferent workouts. Warm up by doing five minutes on a cardio machinethen do warm-up sets of press-ups or chin-ups and bodyweight squats toraise your heart rate and get your muscles warmed up.

Now do theeight reps of the first exercise in the superset. Then, without pausingfor a rest, go straight into eight reps of the next exercise in the superset. Rest for 90 seconds between each superset and two minutes between each pair of supersets.

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