Gym dating

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Get in gear

‘I spend a lot of time with guys in unitards. If you don’t have the right body it’s a very bad look. Avoid very short shorts, especially if you’ve got chicken legs. Look good with a clean vest, tracksuit bottoms and trainers that don’t smell.'

Caveman habits

‘Grunting is only impressive if you’re lifting really heavy weights with flawless technique. There’s nothing less sexy than a guy lifting a weight that is about to break him in two.’

Look away now

‘You may think you’re getting away with a sneaky glance but we always know if you’re staring – it’s so obvious. Women at the gym check out guys as much as you check out us, but we’re more likely to take notice if you’re focused on your workout rather than ogling us.’

No poseurs, please

‘Do you really need to stand inches from the mirror to maintain perfect form? And why are your eyes trying to bore lasers into your biceps? There’s only one thing worse than starting at women and that’s staring at yourself. Quit it.’

Manners, gentlemen

‘Smile, wipe away your sweat and put those weights back where they belong. Be polite if we talk to you and listen to what we are saying. If you show genuine interest in our training we’ll be more responsive.’

Perfect timing

‘Wait until she’s doing her cool-down if you want to chat. After a hard session she may be a bit bored and your attention could be a welcome distraction. There are a lot of hormones flying around in a gym so there’s always some flirting going on.’

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