Office fitness

Office fitness
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1 Dried apricots

Apricots are sweet and have a low GI, so they’ll keep your energy levels topped up all day.

2 Hands-free phone kit

Using a phone for just two hours a day can lead to inflamed tendons in the neck and disc trouble in the back. Headsets have been found to reduce this by up to 40 per cent.

3 Oatcakes

If you suffer from post-breakfast energy dips, reach for the oatcakes, which are low GI, contain just 50 calories and, due to high roughage content, will leave you feeling full.

4 Antibiotic wipes

The average desk contains nearly 400 times as many microbes as the average toilet seat. Say no more.

5 Chocolate

If you need a choc treat, go for the 60 per cent cocoa stuff. It's loaded with antioxidants and heart-protecting oleic acid, and contains less sugar than milk varieties.

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