4 simple tips for a great first date

4 simple tips for a great first date
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Don't shave
More than half of women prefer a man to have a few days' stubble, rather than someone clean-shaven or with a full beard, according to a recent poll of 2,500 women. So leave the razor alone for a while and let nature take its course.
Throw on some clothes
If you've spent hours getting ready, you probably look as if you've spent hours getting ready. And, for 63 per cent of women, this is not a good thing – they prefer a man who looks as though he has just thrown on his outfit over someone who takes a good deal of care over their appearance. Note: this is not the same thing as being dirty.

Choose the first thing you see
If you are out for dinner don't spend ages deliberating over the healthiest thing to eat. Guys who are watching their weight or counting calories are a turn-off for 58 per cent of the fairer sex. Sure, you've been training hard to look good, but one night off won't do any harm. Especially if it leads to another date.
Don't be late
You don't really need us to tell you get there before her, do you?
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