Web tools that increase your free time and life efficiency

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Librivox (opens in new tab)
Make commutes fly by with this huge archive of public domain books, read out by volunteers and free on MP3.
FasterAudio (opens in new tab)
And when you've got your copy of Moby Dick, get through it in double-time with this MP3-accelerating add-on.

Leech Block (opens in new tab)
Can't stay off Twitter in the morning? This free Firefox add-on lets you restrict your viewing of certain websites by time, or time of day.
Megashopbot (opens in new tab)
Save time shopping online by getting this price-comparison robot to hunt down bargains like David Dickinson crossed with the T-1000.

Zeezaw (opens in new tab)
Instead of feverishly checking Amazon every lunchtime, simply plug the stuff you want and the price you'd like to pay into this site, and it'll notify you when the price becomes available.
StayFocusd (opens in new tab)
This Google Chrome productivity tool lets you block websites with astonishing levels of customisability.

Nudgemail (opens in new tab)
Ignore non-pressing emails but be reminded of them later via a gentle online nudge.
Evernote (opens in new tab)
Brain-dump anything you like into one convenient space with this convenient way of saving ideas.

iTeamwork (opens in new tab)
Make bossing people about easier by assigning jobs and giving automatic reminders with this online tool.
Google Reader (opens in new tab)
Constantly hitting refresh on your favourite blogs? Get Google to tell you when they've been updated instead.
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