Greg Rutherford's long jump tips

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Hit top speed
You need speed to jump a long distance. Aim to reach top speed in the last four strides before you jump rather than accelerating as fast as you can from the outset. 

Thrust your hips
Push your hips forwards to assist your acceleration. Make sure you jump upwards rather than flat, but not too high because your speed will become useless.

Head for the hills
If you train to run hard and fast up a hill then you’ll be able to run fast on the flat. It does work your muscles in a different way, but it helps with general strength and is hard work for your lungs.
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Greg Rutherford

Date of birth: 17/11/1986

Place of birth: Milton Keynes, England

Gender: Male

Height: 188cm

Weight: 84kg
Career highlights: Olympic finalist in Beijing and fifth at the 2009 World Championships. Silver in the 2006 Europeans and British record holder until it was broken last year by Chris Tomlinson in Paris at the Diamond League meeting.

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