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‘This workout proves that even with limited time and equipment you can have a workout that challenges your whole body,’ says dangerously fit strength and conditioning coach Andy McKenzie. ‘Want a proper test? Add a 10-20kg vest. I did it with a 20Kg one and was in bits.’

How to do the workout

Perform the moves as hard and fast as you can without sacrificing form, and don’t rest at any point during the circuit. Rest for two minutes between circuits and repeat three times – or six if you’re a monster.

Workout breakdown

1) Sprint Get your heart rate up straight away by sprinting 60 metres (you can break it down into lengths if you’re short of space. Then go straight into 12 straight-arm burpees, aiming to get as much height as possible with each jump and making sure your chest doesn’t touch the floor at the bottom of each rep.
2) Chin-up Do six reps. From a dead-hang position, grab the bar with a supinated grip. Focus on driving your elbows back as you pull and get the lower part of your chest to the bar at the top of each rep. Hold the top position for three seconds, then take six seconds to lower back into the dead hang.
3) Press-up Do 12 press-ups. Make the first six double-clap press-ups. Do the last six without clapping but with your thumbs touching throughout to target your inner chest and triceps. Change your hand position during every rep and make sure your chest touches the floor at the bottom of each one.
4) Squat Do 18 reps. Start with six jump squats, ensuring that you load the hamstrings during each rep by pushing your glutes back from a 1/4 squat position. Go straight into six tempo squats, lowering for six seconds, holding for six at the bottom and exploding up as fast as you can. Finish with six normal squats. Make sure your hip joints drop below your knees during each rep.

Andy McKenzie bio

A former army physical trainer, ‘Iron Mac’ specialises in functional strength, sports-specific training, injury prevention and nutrition. In 2010 he put his strength to the test by winning the UK Strength & Power meet.
McKenzie’s advice: ‘Don’t allow excuses to creep into your training routine when you’re away from the gym. You are standing in the original and best training tool - your own body! Learn to master your own movement and you will quickly realise it’s the ultimate way to remain injury free and stay in great shape wherever you are. No excuses.’
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Andy McKenzie

Andy McKenzie is a UKSCA accredited strength coach, and a strength and conditioning specialist.