Last-minute London Triathlon tips

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What stretches should I do before the race and when should I do them?
‘After a ten-minute easy jog, stretch all the major muscle groups but only for ten seconds each because you want to fire them up, not shut them down. You'll be using your glutes heavily during the race so three sets of ten glute bridges offer a excellent way of getting them ready to work.’
What products should I use to make it easier to get my wetsuit off after the swim?
‘Baby oil or Vaseline all over your body will help you get the wetsuit off fast and prevent chafing.’
Should I wear my hat over my goggles or vice versa?
‘Wear your goggles under the hat so they can't get knocked off if someone catches your head during the swim.’
How do I ensure I don't lose my bike during the transition?
‘Once you’ve racked your bike – checking the ins and outs of transition at the same time, so you know exactly where you’re going – put something like a colourful towel by your bike, or a flag or balloon on the handlebars, so you can see it when you enter the area where the bikes are racked.’

How much drafting can I get away with during the cycle?
‘Absolutely none. Every year people are disqualified for it, and the last thing you want is all your hard work in training to go to pot just to save you a bit of work during the second leg.’

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