No Excuses workout 4

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Combining full body movements with intense cardio and the pressure of a severe penalty if you don't do this workout properly, this month's workout could even make Father Christmas lose a few kilos. As with every month, you need to go at this workout hell for leather and not rest at at all whiile you're doing it.

The workout

Set the rower up for a 1200-metre distance. Grab yourself a kettlebell weighing 24kg and a decent sandbag (I use the Bison Bag from Wolverson Fitness). You now have 12 minutes to row 1200 metres, however you only have 12 pulls at a time before dismounting and completing a round of 12 burpee clean and press combos and 12 kettlebell swings. Penalties are incurred for slow transitions, missed reps or dropped kit.


Set the distance to 1200 metres and stick to 12 pulls at a time before stopping to do the other exercises. Ensure you keep a strong leg drive throughout the motion with a quick catch of the arms at the end of the movement. Get through the two exercises below and get straight back on for 12 more pulls.

30kg Bison Bag combo

Grab the handles and then perform a burpee, ensuring both legs go all the way to the rear on each rep. As you stand back up, keep the bag close to your body and with a powerful hip drive, clean the bag into the catch position with the weight going through your heels. Dip and drive the bag above your head before lowering down under control to complete one rep.

24kg kettlebell swing

24kg is a good weight for this double-handed swing. It’s important to maintain integrity of the spine as you perform the rep so think chest up, chin down and keep the bell as close to you as possible when it swings to the rear.

The penalty

Add 12 minutes to the session. Split each exercise down into two-minute blocks - two of continuous rowing, two of continuous burpee clean and press, two of continuous kettlebell swings, and then repeat until you've got to 12 minutes.

Andy McKenzie

Andy McKenzie is a UKSCA accredited strength coach, and a strength and conditioning specialist.