No excuses workout 6

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Feel like you never have enough time? ‘You’d better power through this workout in good time,’ says strength and conditioning coach Andy McKenzie, ‘or your precious time will be converted into running that distance in metres – or even kilometres. But done right, it’s a great metabolic workout that targets the whole body. What are you waiting for?’

How to do the workout

This is a pyramid-style workout that consists of four moves requiring a kettlebell, gymnastic rings and bison bag. Complete all the reps with good form and record the time it takes you. When you’ve finished all the moves, convert the time to metres (so 4min 52sec = 452m) and run that distance. Perform five rounds, with a run penalty after each. Aim for minimal rest throughout.

• 6 x bison bag get-up

• 12 x straight-arm burpee

• 24 x gym ring press-up

• 36 x kettlebell goblet squat

• 24 x gym ring press-up

• 12 x straight-arm burpee

• 6 x bison bag get-up

Form guide

Bison bag get-up

‘An ideal weight for this exercise is around half your bodyweight,’ says McKenzie.

-Lie on your back with the bag across your chest and left shoulder, with your left knee bent.

-Sit up with your left arm supporting bag as your right hand balances your body.

-Lift your hips and move your right hip back towards your right hand.

-Stand up and then reverse the process.

Straight-arm burpee

‘This is my preferred option for working on glutes and shoulder stability,’ says McKenzie.

-Place your hands shoulder-width apart as you lower to the floor.

-Drive your legs back, remembering to activate your glutes.

-Drive your knees back up to your chest and then explode up, jumping as high as you can.

Gym ring press-up

‘Get more out of the press-up with whole-body stability, using rings,’ says McKenzie.

-Squeeze your abs and glutes hard as you grasp the rings.

-Hold your body straight as you lower, thumbs touching your chest.

-Keep your abs and glutes tight as you power back up to start position.

Kettlebell goblet squat

‘A great squat variation to “groove the move” for squats,’ says McKenzie.

-Hold the kettlebell high on your chest.

-Lower, keeping your chest high and putting your weight through your heels, getting your hips below your knee.

-Pause in the bottom position for two seconds, then drive up. 

Andy McKenzie

Andy McKenzie is a UKSCA accredited strength coach, and a strength and conditioning specialist.