The Iron Man 2 Workout

The Iron Man 2 workout
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This is not your average superhero transformation. Robert Downey Jr had to go from a wiry-looking Sherlock Holmes to Iron Man in two months, as his trainer Brad Bose explained to us. Here’s a sample workout to show what some of the sessions looked like.



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Ten to 15 minutes of extensive warm-up exercises for major muscle groups and every joint.

1A Figure of eight

Shoulder superset - Exercise 1

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Sets 3 Reps 60

Swing Indian clubs in figures-of-eight around your head for 60 reps.

1B Instability bench press

Shoulder superset - Exercise 2

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Sets 3 Reps To failure

Lie on a bench and hold a slosh pipe over your chest. Crank out as many bench press reps as you can before failure.

2 Sledgehammer strikes

Sledgehammer strikes

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Sets 3 Time 3min Rest 90sec

Pound a tyre for three minutes with a 10kg sledgehammer, lifting the hammer over your head and constantly changing the angle of the strike, then rest for 90 seconds.

3 Bosu press-ups

Bosu press-ups

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Sets 3 Reps To failure

Get in a press-up position with your hands on the sides of a Bosu ball (soft side down). Lower your chest to the floor before powering up quickly so that the ball also leaves the ground. Use the momentum from the ball to crank out as many reps as you can, aiming for at least 20.

4 Weighted slalom

Weighted slalom

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Sets 3 Rest 2min

Fill two milk cartons with water or sand and fix them to each end of a broom handle. Find an outdoor space, ideally with some small hills, and arrange cones to form a slalom-style obstacle course. Hold the broom across your shoulders, as in the start position of a front squat, and then navigate the course as quickly as possible, timing yourself. Rest for 90 seconds to two minutes, then try to go faster.
“The weight is so hard to control, especially when you go uphill or downhill, that this exercise will blitz virtually every muscle as well as your cardio system,” says Bose.

Warm down

Warm down

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Tie a stretch band to a tree. Do a variety of twisting and rotational movements to help your joints recover.

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