Lena Headey's 300: Rise of an Empire workout

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Unlike 300, there was no ‘final’ challenge for the cast to tackle - though every workout was tough in its own right. Want a challenge? Try one of the sessions that Lena Headey put in to play Queen Gorgo, and try not to collapse.

Or put yourself through the gruelling 300 rep workout the cast of the first film used to get so strong and ripped for filming.

The workout

Row 10 minutes: easy pace

Two rounds of the following with 2-3min rest between rounds:

Lunge 10m forward
Lunge 10m backward
10m of 5sec plank + broad jump Lunge 10m forward
Lunge 10m backward

Three rounds of:
10m dumbbell bear crawl with one-arm row in each ‘step’ using 5kg dumbbells

Three rounds of the following with 1min rest between rounds:
10x ball slam (5kg ball) and lateral jump over parallette
20m bear crawl

20x step-up (10 each side) on 25cm box

Five rounds of the following with 30sec rest between rounds:
Box jumps on 45cm box – 30sec
Step-ups on 45cm – 1 min

Warm down

Max Anderton

Max was the head of digital content for Men's Fitness which worked alongside Coach between 2015 and 2019.