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This month’s workout is simple yet hugely effective. The focus is on developing power endurance. You will perform a set of ten heavy deadlifts followed by a set of 20 jump squats (one round of the workout). The full workout consists of four rounds. 

This is a short, intense workout – it should take you no longer than ten minutes. But that doesn’t mean you should try to do it as quickly as you possibly can. Pace yourself and use a fast but consistent rhythm to prevent yourself from burning out in the latter stages. 

The combination of a heavy lift and explosive bodyweight movement will illustrate your power-to-weight ratio and highlight any bias to one side. You need to be strong enough to blast through the deadlifts, but light enough to make short work of the jump squats. It is also a brutal reminder of your cardio-respiratory fitness. 

In short, this workout will expose your weaknesses. Leave your ego on the floor and get to work on them! 

You will need…

- A barbell

- A stopwatch 


Three rounds of:

10 x deadlift @ 80% bodyweight

20 x jump squat


Four rounds of:

10 x deadlift @ 100% bodyweight

20 x jump squat


Four rounds of:

10 x deadlift @ 120% bodyweight

20 x jump squat

Chet Morjaria is a strength coach. He is sponsored by British sports nutrition company Boditronics and by British clothing company RazorStorm. He specialises in Olympic weightlifting and is a Level 2 British Weightlifting Coach. As well as training in powerlifting and strongman, he is co-founder ofIronwork UK, a coaching framework that focuses on honing skills and developing strength.
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Big Move Breakdown: deadlift


When done in this way, the deadlift is a highly effective exercise for learning to maintain control though position, form and breathing while working at speed. A failure in any of these will become very evident when you hit the jump squats.

  • Step up to the bar with a feet hip-width apart, keeping your shins 2-3cm away from the bar.
  • Take hold of the bar, gripping it with your hands outside your legs, keeping your legs still straight.
  •  Bend your knees forward and out until your shins touch the bar.
  •  Squeeze your chest up until your back is flat.
  •  Fill your belly with air and drive your heels through the floor.
  •  Drag the bar right up your legs until you are standing up straight and tall.
  •  Reverse the process to lower the bar under control, starting with your hips.
  •  Go straight into your next rep if you can, repeating steps four to seven until your set is done.
Chet Morjaria

In 2013, Chet wrote a series of articles for Men’s Fitness UK, which predated, then shared a website with, Coach.