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Power endurance is your ability to apply explosive force over long periods of time and this workout will help you develop that. The full routine consists of two sets of 15 power cleans, interspersed with a set of 30 burpees. Chose your level (see below) based on the weight of the power clean. You should pick a weight that you can clean 15 times with just a few seconds’ rest in between, and that is challenging enough that you can’t perform these reps in one continuous set.

Pace yourself through the power cleans so that you don’t run out of energy before the workout is over. Look to perform them in a fast but steady rhythm.

The second set will be a different story after the burpees, which will increase your fatigue. Look to maintain your pace and composure, though, and battle through the set to keep performing the cleans both explosively and in a consistent fashion. You should look to complete the whole workout in under ten minutes – there is no time for extended breaks between reps!

You will need

- A barbell

- A stopwatch 


- 12 x power clean @ 40% bodyweight

- 20 x burpee

- 12 x power clean @ 40% bodyweight


- 15 x power clean @ 60% bodyweight

- 30 x burpee

- 15 x power clean @ 60% bodyweight


15 x power clean @ 80% bodyweight

30 x burpee

15 x power clean @ 80% bodyweight

How to do the moves

Power clean

- Address the bar with a shoulder-width stance. Keep the weight on your heels. 

- Keep your chest up and your shoulder blades back. Cover the bar with your chest.

- Bring the bar to your mid-thigh by raising your hips and shoulders at the same time. Keep your body tense, the bar close, and your chest over the bar.

- Explosively extend your hips and knees and, in the same flowing movement, violently shrug to bring the bar up to rack position on your shoulders, with your elbows high.

- Return the bar to the floor and repeat the movement.


- Start in a standing position.

- Drop into a squat with your hands on the floor.

- Explosively extend your legs back to assume the top position of a press-up.

- Explosively jump your legs forward into a squat position.

- Jump into the air and extend your whole body, with a clap above your head.

Chet Morjaria

In 2013, Chet wrote a series of articles for Men’s Fitness UK, which predated, then shared a website with, Coach.