The simple six-pack: 5 ways to washboard abs

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1. Eat more yoghurt 

Eating more of the white stuff is a great way to get rid of the belly fat covering up your abs. Research has found that adults who consume three servings of fat-free yoghurt each day as part of a reduced-calorie diet lost 22% more weight, and 81% more stomach fat then those who were cutting their calories. Those eating yoghurt also managed to maintain muscle mass twice as well.

2.  Oil the machine

A recent study in the US found that merely taking fish oil supplements for a period of six weeks significantly increased lean mass while decreasing fat mass. Just make sure that the oils you’re buying are decent quality, look for ones that are not oxidised as these could do your body more harm than good.

3. Get spicy

You know when you eat a chilli? That burning sensation that rests on your tongue is from capsaicin, and as well as adding a kick to a curry it is also a great metabolism booster. There’s no need to start eating loads of the stuff, as just half a teaspoon of hot cayenne pepper will increase the amount of calories that you burn after a meal. It will also do the job of descreasing any cravings that you might have for salty, sweet or fatty foods that are likely to derail your dieting.

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4. Keep upright

Try to do lots of yours abs work in a more upright position. It’s a lot more functional as there is no use in only teaching your body to activate your core when lying horizontally. Try moves like the medicine ball woodchop: Keeping your hips fixed forward, hold a 3-5kg medicine ball with your arms fully extended to one side at head height, then power it diagonally down in a wood chop action 

5. High intensity is key

Engaging in a short but intense interval workout a couple of times a week will result in a huge spike in growth hormones and testosterone levels which will give you a real boost in sculpting a perfect six-pack. Get on the rowing machine, bike or treadmill for a 10-minute blitz at the start or end of your workout.

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