Simple workout for travellers

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How it works
Not every hotel has a state-of-the-art gym, but that doesn't mean you should develop an unhealthy relationship with the mini-bar instead. This workout allows you to work on your fitness and burn fat without packing your dumb-bells and gym ball. Working on an unstable platform such as a bed or pillow, according to US research, will make your leg and hip muscles work up to 13 per cent harder as they strive to keep your balance.
Time per session
30 minutes

Calorie burn

What you need
A pillow.
A bed.
A chair.
A stopwatch from £10.

An accurate stopwatch is very useful for circuit training. There's little point in guessing the time – your routines must be timed accurately to measure your progress and keep you motivated.

Get your blood circulating by doing five minutes of jogging on the spot, jumping jacks and heel flicks. Then do some squats, walking lunges and press-ups back to back for five minutes to improve your co-ordination and the elasticity of your muscles.
Once you have completed one circuit, rest for two minutes before repeating it.

Click on the links below to see each exercise.

Exercise 1: Pillow sprint
Exercise 2: Single-leg squat
Exercise 3: Step-up
Exercise 4: Feet-up triceps dip
Exercise 5: Side plank
Exercise 6: Superman
Exercise 7: Reverse chair crunch

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