Jason Calder-McLaren's Maximuscle Challenge blog 4

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Jason Calder-McLaren is a 41-year-old ex-semi-professional footballer whose career was cut short by injury. Since then, in a story familiar to many men, he’s put on some excess weight. Come 2012 he decided enough was enough and pledged to take on the Maximuscle 30-Day New Body Challenge in an attempt to stop the slide and get back in shape. Here’s how he’s getting on…

Week four
You might have noticed that we've jumped straight from week two to four – that's because I was struck down with flu in week three and didn't do any training. Re-motivating yourself after a week of illness is normally a tricky task but I’ve not found it that tough because I've got training partners who seriously beast me in the gym. Nothing like a shouty friend to get you back on it!
On Monday I managed to bench press 60kg, a new personal best for me, and I'm confident I'll break more PBs over the coming fortnight. Gorilla pull-ups aren’t getting any easier, especially since my weight is still at 90kg but once I've got that down I'll give King Kong a run for his money! 
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