Jason Calder-McLaren's Maximuscle Challenge blog 5

maximuscle 30 days challenge
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Jason Calder-McLaren is a 41-year-old ex-semi-professional footballer whose career was cut short by injury. Since then, in a story familiar to many men, he’s put on some excess weight. Come 2012 he decided enough was enough and pledged to take on the Maximuscle 30-Day New Body Challenge in an attempt to stop the slide and get back in shape. Here’s how he’s getting on…
This week I have only managed to hit the gym twice because my cold has come back with a vengeance. I'm not entirely sure why, but it seems the healthier I get the more susceptible to colds I become – it's a right pain in the arse! 

It's not all bad though. For the first time in ten years, I’ve managed to play two full 90-minute games of football in one weekend. I ache all over but before starting this plan I'd never have got through that. I’m also now doing 50 press-ups every morning, in two sets of 25. In short, I'm fitter than I've been in a long, long time.
In terms of weight loss, I’ve managed to lose about 2kg so far. I'm fairly pleased with that but I feel I could have done better had I not been hampered by all these cursed bugs. I've got one week left of the challenge – OK so it should be ending this week but because of all the sickness I'm bolting on an etra week.
Given how intermittent my training has been, my diet has been my saving grace in this battle against the cursed middle-age spread. Here's what I'm eating every day:
7am – Maximuscle Thermobol supplement then poached eggs, salmon and brown toast or porridge
11am – Maximuscle Promax diet shake
1pm - Chicken and broccoli or a jacket potato with mince and veg
3pm - Thermobol again
8pm - Brown rice and tuna or chicken

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