Jason Calder-McLaren's Maximuscle Challenge blog 6

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Jason Calder-McLaren is a 41-year-old ex-semi-professional footballer whose career was cut short by injury. Since then, in a story familiar to many men, he’s put on some excess weight. Come 2012 he decided enough was enough and pledged to take on the Maximuscle 30-Day New Body Challenge in an attempt to stop the slide and get back in shape. Here’s how he got on… 

I’ve been at this challenge for around six weeks rather than the 30 days originally planned, but with all the interruptions I thought I should carry on for an extra couple of weeks to get more out of it. A lot of fitness plans end up not being completed because of missed session, but I was determined to get to the end of this. And even though it's been a bit broken up, it's been a massive success.

I've been training more regularly than I have at any time in the past ten years - and with people who've really pushed me to go harder than ever. Thanks to this, combined with my new diet, I've managed to shed 3kg and pack on muscle across my shoulders, arms and chest. 

The only place I've really struggled to lose fat is around my midsection but the MF experts have assured me that this is normal and that if I keep eating and training the way I have, it'll quickly go. 

This started out as a month-long challenge but I'm so impressed with the results and am so determined to see the six-pack I had in my 30s, I'm adopting it as a way of life.

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