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Team Men’s Fitness
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Darren Roberts and brothers Steve and Nick Tidball are Team Men’s Fitness. Here, in their latest Team Men’s Fitness blog, they talk about their eighth week of training for the fearsome 120km Namibia Desert Ultra Race on 8th April.


My time training in Oman was phenomenal. I went running every morning on a desolate beach about 50 miles long whose only other inhabitants were a few local fishermen and some big crabs. I went snorkeling and swimming off deserted islands, and I also ate about four times my own bodyweight of Indian food and developed a taste for champagne. I seem to be all the better for it – in fact I’ve never felt fitter or stronger. I think naan bread, curry and bubbly have done wonders for my system. Coming back to cold London was a real shock to the system at first, but it didn’t take long to adjust. Running at 5.30 this morning in the dark was actually weirdly refreshing after the heat.


South Africa couldn’t have been better as preparation for Namibia: the country was in the middle of a heatwave. So when it reached 39°C at midday and everyone else was hiding indoors, I thought I’d head out for a gentle run. After five minutes my skull felt like it had a loose watermelon rolling around inside it. Then the skin on my arms started bubbling. After that I just kept my eyes focused downwards, watching out for the spiders and cobras that I’d been warned about – as if I’d have been able to see them through the pouring sweat! I was only out there for an hour, but it has to be one of the most uncomfortable training sessions I’ve ever done, and a sobering glimpse into what conditions will be like in the Namib Desert.


Following a three-hour run on Saturday and a cross-country run on Sunday, I have concentrated on upper-body strength this week. Every day I’ve swum one mile, ‘rewarding’ myself with a punishing 30 minutes in the sauna. It’s painful, but I’m seeing results. And I’m already thinking of the ice-cool beer waiting for us at the finish line of the Namibia Desert Ultra.

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Go to the Adventure Racing website for more information about the Namibia Desert Ultra Race.

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