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If you've got seriously good strength endurance and fancy winning a year's supply of Maximuscle sports nutrition, have a crack at the Maximuscle Dragan Challenge. You take two 16kg dumb-bells and perform as many biceps curl to presses as you can, swapping sides after each rep. Oh, and you can't rest between reps or drop either weight – if you do, you’re finished.
It's called the Dragan Challenge after the guy who invented it, Dragan Radovic. He introduced it ten years ago at the Arnold Schwarzeneggar Classic show and challenged the large number of strongmen in attendance to see if they could perform more curl to presses than him. Although he's not the biggest dude you've ever seen (and was 50 at the time) no-one, not even Arnie or three-time World's Strongest Man Bill Kazmaier, could beat this unnaturally strong chap.

Today, at 60, he’s still unbeaten and now his son Rajko, star of the first series of Last Man Standing – the TV show in which contestants take on tribal fitness challenges in far-flung locations – is following in his father’s curl to pressing footsteps. In fact, he’s become so good he’s the main threat to his dad’s unbeaten record. In May, we’ll find out which Radovic is the real Dragan champion when they’ll both try to break their previous curl to press records at the 2010 Body Power Expo.
How do you think you would get on in the Dragan Challenge? Check out the video of Rajko explaining a bit about the Dragan Challenge and have a try at your gym. Once you've got the hang of it, sign up for one of the Maximuscle Dragan Challenge regional qualifiers (listed further down the page). Win your qualifier and you’ll progress to the final at the Body Power Expo. The winner of the final will receive Maximuscle products for an entire year!

Here’s where and when the regional Maximuscle Dragan Challenge qualifiers are taking place:
Fitness First, Baker Street, London - Tuesday 23rd February
Fitness First, Southampton - Tuesday 2nd March
Fitness First, Bristol - Tuesday 9th March
Esporta, Bridgend - Tuesday 16th March

Fitness First, Portsmouth - Tuesday 23rd March

Esporta, Hemel Hempstead - Tuesday 30th March
Fitness First, East Kilbride - Tuesday 6th April
Fitness First, Belfast - Tuesday 13th April

To sign up for one of these regional qualifiers, go to

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