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 Skill tip: Backside 360˚ indy out of a lip Select media
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'As far as spins go this is a simple trick, but it's one that looks good whether you're doing it off something tiny or the biggest kicker in the resort. I'm doing it out of a lip at the bottom of a super pipe here, but humps of snow off the side of a piste are just as good for spins.'

  • Approach the lip at a comfortable speed. Too slow and you won't get any height or distance. Too fast and you'll be out of control when you get airborne.
  • You're going to initiate the trick with your leading hand. As you approach the lip, pull it the opposite direction to way you're planning to go during the spin. This will help you generate extra spinning power when you start to bring your arm back round.
  • As the front of the board clears the lip, your leading hand should have come around at least 90˚. Your body will follow.
  • As you turn, start sucking the board up towards your body and reach down with your trailing hand so you can grab the toe edge of the board between your feet (this is the indy grab).
  • The winding up you did during the run-up should keep you turning. By the time you hit the 270˚ mark you should have released the board and spotted where you're going to land.
  • As you complete the 360˚ and hit the deck, bend your legs to soak up the impact of the landing. Try to land on the flat base of the board so you don't catch an edge and crash.

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