Ryan Giggs interview

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You’ve got a yoga DVD out – Ryan Giggs’s new DVD, Giggs Fitness: Strength & Conditioning. How has it helped your game?

I’d been having hamstring problems in my 20s but when I started doing yoga I felt the benefits immediately. It’s definitely helped me to stay fit, train a lot more and play more often.

Of all the players you’ve played with, who would you say was the fittest?

David Beckham was always fit. He was a natural runner with brilliant endurance. But then there were the likes of Roy Keane and Brian McClair, who would cover more ground than anyone during games.

You’ve played more than 800 games for Manchester United but which do you think was your best?

The night we beat Porto 4-0 in the Champions League quarter-final in 1997 was one of my best. Until then I’d always played on the wing, but that was one of the first games where I was involved in a more central role. It’s something I’ve done a lot more as I’ve got older.

Why do you think that is?

I think it’s been a natural progression. I played in central midfield as a schoolboy but as I grew up I became known for my pace. I’ve got slower in recent years though and I’m not able to knock the ball past a full-back and get the other side of him any more, so I try to use my intelligence.

Which of the matches you’ve lost was the toughest to deal with?

Losing to Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League final. We were so confident going into that game but when they scored we didn’t recover. You don’t want to go one down against a side like that who can keep the ball all night, but after the way we’d played that season our reaction was so disappointing.

Will anyone ever play more games or win more trophies at one club than you have?

It’s going to be difficult because players generally aren’t staying at clubs for such a long time any more. I’m quite lucky in that I’ve always been in a position to be winning or competing for trophies. It’ll need to be someone who comes through at a big club as a teenager and stays in the side for a long time like I’ve done.

Of all United’s celebrity fans around the world, who did you enjoy meeting the most?

For me, growing up in the 1980s, Duran Duran were a massive band, so meeting Simon Le Bon and finding out he was a United fan was great.

You’re currently in the process of getting your coaching badges. What do you think your  management style will be like?

I think until you actually become a manager it’s hard to say what you’re going to do. Are you going to sit in the dugout all game or will you be out on the touchline? I think a lot of it is dictated by the team you’re managing and the players you have.

Great footballers don’t always become great managers. Why do you think that is?

For some ex-players I think it would be frustrating if you’ve got players who aren’t able to do the things you could do, such as picking the right pass or making the right decisions. There’s a lot of pressure to succeed if you’ve been a player at the top level and everyone’s watching to see how you’re going to do.

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