Jonah Lomu bulldozes through Tony Underwood video

(Image credit: Unknown)

Tony Underwood on Jonah Lomu during the 1995 World Cup semi-final:

'After 14 years I’ve stopped dreaming – or having nightmares – about it,’ says Tony Underwood of his country’s clash with New Zealand in the 1995 World Cup semi-final. ‘At the time I was feeling fairly confident. I’d played well all season.’ It might have been that confidence that inspired Underwood to – according to rumour – wink at Jonah Lomu during the All Blacks’ traditional haka. It might have been a mistake. 

‘The first try was the worst,’ says Underwood. ‘Lomu left me on the ground, then trampled over both Will Carling and Mike Catt, and the onslaught started. You’ve got to look back in awe at the way he took us apart.’ Lomu went on to score three more tries and England lost 45-29, but Underwood – now flying commercial jets for Virgin Atlantic – has few regrets. ‘It was just a great time for rugby. I can’t imagine there would ever have been a better time to be in our sport.'

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