Video of Joe Calzaghe schooling Jeff Lacy

(Image credit: Unknown)

Joe Calzaghe on beating Jeff Lacy:

Before his meeting with Jeff ‘Left Hook’ Lacy, pundits had accused Welsh fighter Joe Calzaghe of ducking the hard-hitting American, and many claimed he wouldn’t stand a chance. That all changed in the first few rounds of the fight. ‘I had prepared myself to face something more than Lacy,’ says Calzaghe. ‘I was prepared to be hit with the hardest punches I’d ever been hit with in my life. I was prepared and Lacy wasn’t.’ 

Calzaghe gave a boxing lesson, and by the seventh round Lacy was battered and bloody. In the 12th round, he was put on the canvas for the first time in his career. ‘He didn’t fear me until he saw the kind of man I am,’ says Calzaghe.

Check out this video of MF doing a padbox session. And have a gander at this Calzaghe career highlights video.

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