James Stentiford's Freeride World Tour blog

James Stentiford's Freeride World Tour blog
(Image credit: Unknown)

James Stentiford Swatch Freeride World Tour blog from James Stentiford on Vimeo.

James Stentiford is one of the best freeriders to come out of the UK. As well starring in loads of snowboard films and getting loads of coverage in the winter sports press during his long career, he earned podium finishes in both the 2010 and 2011 Freeride World Tours

The Swatch Freeride World Tour is one of the most exciting, balls-out snowboard comps on the planet - it's all about skiers and snowboarders riding some of the world's biggest, steepest faces. We fully expect Stentiford to achieve more success on the Tour this year, so we've asked him to produce a video blog about his progress. Here's the first instalment - look out for more to come.

Go to freerideworldtour.com for more info about the Swatch Freeride World Tour. For workouts from more top snowboarders, subscribe to Men's FitnessWe'll give you five issues for £5.

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