Libido Supplements To Boost Your Sex Drive

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A lower sex drive is an increasing problem for British men – 25% of people claim their libido is below average, according to a survey by Opinium Research. Low libido can be caused by myriad reasons, including stress, a lack of sleep and a poor diet. So once you’ve made moves to readdress any life imbalances, try these supplements – recommended by independent research firm Examine – to get your sex drive out of first gear.

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Maca, derived from a South American root vegetable, is one of the few supplements that has been repeatedly proven to boost libido. Studies have showed it can improve libido consistently over the course of eight weeks, at which point it plateaus but maintains its improved level. Maca does not interact with any major hormones, such as testosterone or oestrogen, and is not known to interact with any pharmaceuticals. To supplement take 1,500-3,000mg of maca root powder a day, with your first meal of the day.

Vitamin D

The lower your levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, the lower your sex drive. And one reason for low T levels is a deficiency in vitamin D, which is synthesised by your body from sunlight exposure. Research suggests a deficiency of vitamin D suppresses testosterone production, and with a lack of direct sunlight a perennial problem in the UK, you may be at risk. Take 3,000 IU a day – and you’ll also maintain levels of other hormones such as mood-boosting serotonin and dopamine.

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The powdered form of fenugreek seed is used in Indian traditional medicine. It is sometimes taken to improve vitality and when taken by healthy men, high doses can increase libido and sexual satisfaction. However, more research is needed to determine whether it interacts with male sex hormones. To supplement with fenugreek, take 600mg of an extract containing 50% fenusides, the compound responsible for fenugreek’s effects, with any meal of the day.

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