Is this why people avoid legs day?

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The result comes from Skulpt Aim, which promises to be the first fitness tracker to help people understand their bodies by rating the quality of individual muscles.

In a poll of 2,000 people it found that despite 77% of Brits exercising at least once a week, 1 in 5 still can’t name any muscles in the body from the following list: adductor muscles, pectorals, biceps, rectus abdominis, trapezius, deltoid, achilles tendon, quadriceps, obliquus abdominis, triceps, lumbar muscles, latissimus dorsi, gluteals, sternocleidomastoid, hamstrings, gastrocnemius and transversus abdomini.

There are some eyebrow-raising stats as well, such as 10% of those who exercise twice a day believe the pectorals are located in the lower leg. If the person spotting you next time you bench press gets this one wrong it might be time to ask someone else for help.

For those of you who want to brush up on their knowledge, here's a detailed breakdown along with the answers. (In case you had any gaps in your knowledge.)

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MuscleLocation of muscle in the bodyPercentage of Brits who don’t know where the muscle is located
Rectus abdominisStomach71%
QuadricepsFront of the thighs65%
HamstringsBack of the thighs64%
TricepsBack of the upper arm58%
BicepsFront of the upper arm26%
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