6 Reasons to Swap the Cross-Trainer for This Ikea Stool

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No space or budget for a home gym? Here’s your ready-to-assemble solution: the Ikea Bekväm stool (it translates as 'comfortable'). “The Bekväm might be the most versatile and best-value training tool you aren’t using," says bodyweight fitness specialist Rannoch Donald (100repchallenge.com). "It provides progressions and a degree of difficulty to even the most simple moves."

Here's how you can get the body you want, using only this £14 flat-pack instant improver...

01 For a better chest


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Do this: Incline press-up

Reps: 10

Start on the top step, with your hands placed at the edges of the stool. “This is the optimal position for press-ups,” says Donald. Lower your chest to stool, pause and press up. Keep your elbows tucked in. When you improve, put your feet on the stool instead for the decline version.

02 For bigger shoulders


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Do this: Travelling hands

Reps: 6

“This is a fantastic shoulder drill,” says Donald. Starting in the press-up position in front of the Bekväm, “walk” your left hand, then your right, on to the first step. Then walk your right hand, then your left, on to the top step. Reverse the whole movement to return to the start.

03 For a solid core


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Do this: Sitting knee tuck

Reps: 20

Sit on the Bekväm with your hands either side to support you. Lean back slightly and draw your knees to your chest. Extend your legs but don’t let your heels touch the ground.

04 For greater hamstrings


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Do this: Travelling lunge

Reps: 10 (each side)

Standing to the right of the Bekväm, lunge sideways and place your left foot on the lower step, then bring your right foot over so both feet standing on the lower step. Step off to your left, then follow with your right foot. Repeat in the opposite direction.

05 For ankle mobility


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Do this: Chair pistol

Reps: 7 (each leg)

Unsupported single-leg squats too tough? “Using the Bekväm we can work towards doing pistols unsupported,” says Donald. With your right foot planted on the floor, extend your left in front of you and sit back on the top step of the stool. Without using momentum, drive through the right heel and stand up.

06 For enviable glutes


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Do this: Hip bridge

Reps: 12

Lying on your back, place both heels on the top step. Drive your hips ups, with your heels and upper back supporting your weight. Pause, then lower and repeat. You can make this harder by supporting yourself on a single leg.

Joel Snape

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