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Before blogs, smartphones and streamed video content, there were podcasts or “audio blogs”. The downloadable audio files were all the rage in the early noughties, giving us a reason to look forward to the morning commute, not to mention providing us with endless background entertainment while we toiled away at work. We learned more, wasted less time and laughed at a few jokes along the way – and then podcasts seemed to disappear, giving way to a more visual form of blogging media.

But podcasts are back and stronger than ever. Data shows that while the focus may have been on e-zines and video blogs in recent years podcasts have been steadily growing in popularity in the background. Here's our pick of the best podcasts for fitness fans.

Ben Coomber Radio

Best for: Active bods

Tune in: Listen to Ben chat to a multitude of industry experts – such as Pete Evans, Adam Richman, Layne Norton and John Meadows – about health, performance, nutrition, body composition and mental prowess. Start at episode one and let Ben et al expand your fit body horizons with their knowledge, passion and occasional joke. You’ll learn all about how to perform better, strive for more and be all-round happier in today’s fast-moving world. Zero adverts; engaging conversation – winner.

Length: 40-60 minutes


No Meat Athlete Radio

Best for: Vegan fitness fans

Tune in: Are you a vegan or veg curious? No Meat Athlete Radio is the place to come for vegan and vegetarian eating tips. Whether you want to know how to fuel your runs or what other vegan athletes eat on a typical day, this podcast will inform you. It’s not preachy, so is a great place to go if you’re thinking about quitting meat, and provides plenty of useful nutrition, motivation and running tips. There’s one episode per week, so start at the beginning now and catch up!

Length: 30-40 minutes



Best for: Exercise music lovers

Tune in: Podrunner is a long-running podcast that provides free music for runners, joggers, power-walkers, cyclists and any other tempo-based workout. Produced by San Francisco Bay DJ, Steve Boyett, Podrunner has been in the iTunes top 100 downloads since its February 2006 debut. There’s something for every athlete – interval tracks, run jog run beats and even series designed for 5K, 10K and other endurance training sessions. You’ll be hooked.

Length: 20-80 minutes


Food For Fitness

Best for: Fitness foodies

Tune in: Physique and sports nutritionist Scott Baptie shares his diet, cooking and healthy-living strategies on this handy podcast. Scott, who has worked with a big range of clients from pro footballers to big-brand companies, takes the guesswork out of smart eating, so that you can lose fat, get lean, build muscle or perform better for a sport. It’s not about deprivation but about eating better through learning handy techniques and cooking tips. A great one to download if you want to overhaul your diet.

Length: 30-55 minutes


Another Mother Runner

Best for: Regular runners

Tune in: Need a running buddy? This is it. Download Another Mother Runner and enjoy the chat about training, racing, nutrition and mental toughness on your run. Main host Sarah Bowen Shea is joined by a range of expert guests, from sports nutritionists and psychologists to other mother runners and even Olympic marathoner Deena Kastor! Great conversation about how to run a sub two-hour marathon, strength train for running and eat healthily. Perfect for mums everywhere who love to run when the kids are at school!

Length: 45-70 minutes

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