You Only Need Four Moves (And A Wall) To Carve An Iron Core With This Quick Workout

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Looking for a quick core workout you can do at home? Look no further. This no-equipment routine is a great way to support your training in the gym. 

This workout comes from New York-based personal trainer Kira Stokes, an experienced fitness pro with a wide range of qualifications including NASM CPT, PES and WFS.

The routine uses a wall throughout the routine, a technique which we first came across in a Pilates workout and seems to be incorporated into workouts more frequently. According to Stokes, the wall helps to reinforce engagement as you work on your abs, keeping your lower back firmly on the ground.

While you don’t require any equipment to take part, all four moves are floor-based, so you may want an exercise mat for comfort’s sake.

Watch Kira Stokes’s Core-Strengthening Workout

The wall-anchored toe taps and leg raises are great core exercises, while Stokes also explains that the elevated glute bridges work on glute and hamstring strength, as well as adding “extra hip extension goodness”.

Stokes recommends performing at least 10 reps of each movement, and up to 12 of the first two exercises. For the wall-anchored marching bridges, count one rep each time your butt touches the floor. Stokes advises repeating the circuit three or four times. 

If you can’t find a decent spot next to a wall, try this bodyweight core workout that uses Pilates techniques to challenge your deep-lying core muscles. Or if you have a set of dumbbells at home, try this legs and core workout or this dumbbell core workout.

Lois Mackenzie
Fitness writer

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