One Treadmill, Two Dumbbells And Eight Moves Is All You Need For An Effective Fat-Burning Session

Man performing dumbbell lunge in front of row of treadmills
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You’ll often find us scrolling through PT Bradley Simmonds’s Instagram feed looking for our next workout—we’ve shared two of his kettlebell sessions with you this year already—and this cardio and weights combo is one that has stayed with us.

In a similar way to this treadmill workout for weight loss, it combines time on the belt with dumbbell leg exercises, a potent combination that will burn plenty of calories during the workout. The burn will continue afterward through the magic of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), often referred to as the after-burner effect.

Here’s what Simmonds has in store:

Simmonds uses familiar moves for the most part, although you can brush up on your form with our guides to the dumbbell squat, walking lunge, reverse lunge and mountain climber if you need to. The “stand-up” is a modified burpee with dumbbells, skipping the chest-to-the-floor element and using the hip hinge movement to get the dumbbells off the floor as you stand up.

You can expect your heart rate to rocket during the 500m sprint, so it’s imperative you warm up before beginning the workout proper. Take the opportunity to nail your form for the stand-up, bracing your core and keeping your spine neutral.

After taking on this workout, it’s a good idea to lower your heart rate gradually with a light jog or walk on the treadmill, then run through static stretches to lengthen your muscles and reduce the risk of injury in future.

We have five more fat-loss workouts for you to try after this one, ranging from a 30-minute-plus session down to a three-minute finisher, or if you have the gym experience and spare time to hit the gym four times a week, this fat-burning workout plan helps you to lose fat and gain muscle in two weeks.

Lois Mackenzie
Fitness writer

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