Healthy spatchcock chicken recipe

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Sick of endless chicken breasts? Think small. Spatchcock chicken is more widely-available than ever, and apart from being rich in protein, it’s fairly simple to cook. The bonus? Because you cook it whole, nutrients and flavour leech out of the bones and into the meat, making it tastier *and* more nutritious. The recipe below was created by Gareth Bowen, Executive Head Chef of double AA rosette award winning Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar – but it’s simple enough to prepare in your kitchen.

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Ingredients (serves 1)

Spatchcock poussin/ 150g Curley Kale/ 100 g Butter/ 15g hazelnuts toasted whole/ 1g parsley/ 1g thyme/ 1g garlic/ 1g rosemary/ Salt and pepper/ 1g pink pepper corns/1g mustard powder/10g chopped shallots/ 5g gherkin/ 1g tarragon/ 1 whole shallot


Soften butter, add chopped herbs and shallot, toasted hazelnuts and seasoning, mustard powder etc.

  • Place some rapeseed oil on the bird, rub in garlic thyme and rosemary and marinade for 24hrs in fridge.
  • Roast shallot whole on oven, with skin on, remove from skin and slice in half before chargrilling. 
  • Chargrill the spatchcock, steam and season kale, place on plate.
  • Chargrill shallot and place on top of spatchcock
  • Serve hot throughout
Joel Snape

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