Healthy cocktail recipes

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Julian Brown from Soho cocktail bar Milk & Honey gave us the lowdown on some of his healthier concoctions. 

1. Jalisco’s Cure

20ml fresh lemon juice / 10ml agave syrup / 10ml ginger juice / 15ml mezcal (smoked agave spirit) / 35ml reposado tequila 

Served Short on cubed ice

Garnish Pickled ginger and lemon zest

‘This is a beautiful slow-sipping cocktail with spice coming from the ginger and a touch of smokiness created by the mezcal. You wouldn’t even know it contains zero sugar.’

2. Almond Posset 

550ml almond milk / 2tbsp rye oats / ½ vanilla pod / 3tbsp manuka honey / 1tbsp golden raisins / Sprinkle of nutmeg / 6 dashes Angostura Bitters / Gosling’s Black Seal rum

Served Hot. Mix the ingredients except rum and heat on low for 15 minutes. Strain and add 35ml of rum per glass of punch.

Garnish Pinch of cinnamon

‘The almond milk brings calcium and good fats to protect your bones and arteries.’

3. Satsuma Sour

20ml fresh lemon juice / 15ml unrefined sugar syrup / 30ml fresh satsuma juice / 20ml egg white / 40ml Beefeater 24 gin / Soda water

Served Long on ice cubes

Garnish None 

‘This cocktail is served without a garnish because the egg white creates a smooth, creamy meringue-like topping when mixed with soda, as well as adding protein. The lemon and satsuma are loaded with immunity-boosting vitamin C.’

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4. Green Tea Collins

35ml Suntory 12-year-old Japanese whisky / Top with Japanese green tea (cold) /Splash of soda

Served Tall in a highball or Collins glass 

Garnish Slice of lemon

‘This concoction is for the whisky drinker who enjoys a refreshing yet slow-sipping whisky cocktail. It also contains green tea, which is thought to prime your metabolism for fat loss.’

5. Super-Foods Cobbler

1 blackberry / 6 blueberries / 3 green grapes / 15ml fresh lemon juice / 10ml unrefined sugar syrup / 15ml freshly pressed apple juice / 35ml Antica Formula vermouth / 20ml VSOP cognac 

Served On crushed ice 

Garnish Vanilla pod, with blueberry, blackberry and grape on skewer

‘This rich berry cocktail packs lots of flavour with a body of dark fruits and vanilla from the vermouth and cognac. The non-alcoholic ingredients also contain manganese and fibre to help your digestive system.’

6. Ambrosia

10ml Kamm & Sons ginseng spirit / 15ml acai juice / 15ml grapefruit juice / 20ml vodka / Top with champagne

Served In champagne flute

Garnish None

‘With antioxidants provided by the acai and grapefruit juice, which can help to protect your cells from environmental damage, this is a healthier alternative to the classic Christmas toasting drink – champagne. It is the season for celebration after all, so there’s no reason you should have to miss out!’

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