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Listening to music while training can reduce the feeling of physical strain by 10%, increase focus and reduce boredom. In general, listening to whatever music you personally enjoy will have a positive effect. However, Dr Costas Karageorghis from Brunel University has extensively researched music’s effect on training output and come up with a 15-track (which should clock in at 45-60 minutes) playlist structure that will enhance your fitness training.

Tracks 1-3: The warm-up

‘Having a close relationship to the lyrics of a song will help you gain focus - a perfect example is Michael Phelps. As he entered the pool at the London Olympics he used songs with lyrics he could relate to, and we all saw how that worked out for him,’ says Karageorghis.

MF’s picks:

1. Green Day – ‘Basket Case’

2. Arcade Fire - ‘Rococo’

3. Childish Gambino - ‘Bonfire’

Tracks 4-7: Sync for strength

‘With the right training you can sync your exercise motions to the rhythmical aspects of the music and work at a high intensity tempo. Overall this can improve your endurance, make you more energy efficient and have a work enhancing effect,’ says Karageorghis.

MF’s picks:

4. Disclosure – ‘White Noise’ (120BPM)

5. Kiesza – ‘Hideaway’ (123BPM)

6. Route 94 – ‘My Love’ (120BPM)

7. Breach – ‘Jack’ (124BPM)

Tracks 8-9: Between-sets songs

‘Film songs can work particularly well because of the association with a film’s character, scene or moral of the story,’ says Karageorghis.

MF’s picks:

8. Indiana Jones (main theme)

9. Jurassic Park (main theme)

Tracks 10-12: Are we there yet?

‘Listening to your favourite genre will reduce the boredom factor and make training more enjoyable, so around three-quarters of the way through your workout is the best time to indulge your favourite selection. Unfortunately if you are into classical music this probably won’t work. Slow and ambient music is never useful for training unless during the warm-down stage.’

MF’s picks: (House)

10. NiCe7 – ‘Time To Get Physical’

11. Eats Everything – ‘Jagged Edge’

12. Dansson and Marlon Hoffstadt – ‘Shake That’

Tracks 13-15: Finish strong

‘Some of the best songs for playlists are based on what you’re exposed to during your formative years. If somebody is brought up on urban music then listening to something like hard rock can have a negative influence on them. Go for something inspiring from your past to get through the home stretch,’ says Karageorghis.

MF’s picks:

13. Prodigy – ‘Breathe’

14. Blink 182 - ‘Dammit’

15. So Solid Crew – ‘21 Seconds’

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