Meet ALEX the Posture Corrector

What with phones, tablets, Pokémon Go and the like, as a race, the human is in danger of developing a posture problem. Constantly slumped over, eyes glued to a screen, contorting into previously untapped angles – it’s not good news. It can lead to short-term back and neck pain, as well as potentially creating more serious spinal problems down the line.

To combat Forward Head Posture (FHP), or “Text Neck”, in bent-over layman’s terms, the ALEX slips over the back of your neck and precisely measures its angle. Then, according to user-generated settings, it will detect when you’ve been sitting or standing with bad posture, and vibrate to alert you to the fact.

All the data is recorded on an app, and you can accurately track your progress towards becoming King of Posture Town.

How It Works

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  1. Customise strength of vibration, amount of time in bad posture and angle of neck to indicate bad posture on the app.
  2. Place the legs of the ALEX over your ears and rest the module on the back of your neck against the skin.
  3. Calibrate the sensor using the app and commence awkward neck bending.


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