Get the most from your hair wax

(Image credit: Unknown)

Who needs wax?
Only use it if you’re thick – of hair, that is. ‘Use a wax if your hair is thick and no longer than 5cm in length,’ says celebrity stylist Michael Douglas. ‘Very fine hair can look greasy and if the hair is too long then the wax can look heavy.’
Are all waxes the same?
The very thought! There’s a difference and it’s pretty straightforward. ‘You can tell if a wax will provide a strong hold by feeling how hard it is in the tub,’ says Douglas. ‘The harder the wax the better the hold.’
How much should I use?
Smearing half a tub over your head is the mark of a rank amateur. ‘Scoop out an amount the size of a 2p coin and rub into your hands,’ says Douglas. ‘The friction will cause the wax to soften so you can apply it easily. Then the wax cools and hardens to add texture and great hold.’
What styles work well with wax?
It’s a versatile old product is wax. ‘It’s great for “bed head” and “modern mod” styles, as well as scrunching into curly hair to decrease the frizz factor,’ says Douglas.

What if I want to re-style?
If you want to change your look midway through the day, don’t reach for the wax pot. Instead, work with what’s already on your head. ‘The best way to re-style is to heat the wax while it’s in the hair,’ says Douglas. ‘So, a quick blast with a hairdryer or even a rub with your hands will do, then re-style and leave it to cool.’
How do you get a natural look?
Don’t try to do too much, basically. ‘You really need the right haircut to make sure you're getting the right style,’ says Douglas. ‘With the right haircut your hair should be styled in no time.’ So, if you want to create a particular style, make sure your hair looks vaguely like your desired outcome before you start applying product.

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