The Best Fragrances For Men

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Himalaya By Creed


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The perfect fragrance for adventurous men with lofty ambitions, this self-assured scent was inspired by the mountain range.

Buy from John Lewis | £215 for 100ml

Pasha By Cartier


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Like you, this scent is modern, deep and charismatic. The blend of lively citrus notes and mellow amber and cedarwood is a winner.

Buy on Amazon | £63.50 for 100ml (currently reduced to £37.95)

Evolution By Kings


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Kings is new a ethical brand on a mission to raise awareness around male mental health. This exotic fragrance is a confident way to announce its arrival.

Buy from Kings | £39.99 for 50ml

Huntsman x Jo Malone


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Prestige fragrances and quality tailoring are a natural fit, and the new collaboration between perfumer Jo Malone and bespoke tailor Huntsman Savile Row is a particularly appealing partnership. The four-strong fragrance set is Jo Malone’s first men’s collaboration and the selection of a partner with heritage to deliver contemporary scents results in a collection of timeless classics. The line-up includes a seductive amber and patchouli, a lively assam and grapefruit, a spicy birch and black pepper and an enigmatic whisky and cedarwood.

Buy from Jo Malone | £120 for 100ml

Villa Ausonia By Czech & Speake


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This scent captures the revitalising energy of the southwest coast of France, with a manly base and citrusy top notes.

Buy from Czech & Speake | £125 for 100ml

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme


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Aimed at the man who likes to have fun, this vibrant new scent has a playful, beguiling side thanks to notes of lavender and patchouli.

Buy from Amazon | £44.50 for 50ml

Paco Rabanne Pure XS Night


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This fragrance isn’t for shy and retiring types. It’s bold, alluring and sexy, thanks to a combination of Asian and fiery notes.

Buy from Amazon | £57.80 for 100ml

Creed Viking


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Crafted for “the modern man who goes against the grain”, this powerful scent has a spicy heart and a woody base.

Buy from John Lewis | £265 for 100ml

Miller Harris Wander


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This complex scent, one of a range of three, celebrates the idea of hidden treasure. It’s worth seeking out.

Buy from Amazon | £140 for 100ml (currently reduced to £98.75)

Courage By Robert Graham


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Blended to evoke a drive along ocean cliffs, this is made with a classy combo of vodka citron and guaiac wood.

Buy from Harvey Nicols | £110 for 100ml

Ermenegildo Zegna Elements of Man


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A five-strong range celebrating the best of man. Our pick is the tobacco-infused Strength.

Buy from John Lewis | £195 for 50ml

Dark Lord by Kilian


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This is a serious fragrance full of alluring scents such as raw root vetiver, leathery Indian Cypriol and Atlas cedarwood.

Buy from John Lewis | £285 for 50ml

L’Eau Super Majeure D’Issey


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Inspired by the power of water, this is a fresh and masculine scent that features amber and black salt.

Buy from John Lewis | £66.50 for 100ml

Boss The Scent


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This new warm and spicy fragrance from Boss will make you feel like you can charm the whole room in an instant.

Buy from Boots | £69 for 100ml

Dunhill Century


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Dunhill has taken a gamble with a dice-shaped bottle, but the lively top notes and woody base make it a winner.

Buy from Harrods | £79 for 135ml

L’Envol de Cartier


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This honeyed scent does an exquisite job of combining vibrant top notes with a classy woody base.

Buy from John Lewis | £93.50 for 80ml

How To Choose The Right Scent

A fragrance speaks volumes of the wearer, hence the need to pick one that suits. The market is vast and contains something for everyone, but these eight will have something for most requirements. And to help you find the right type of fragrance for you, we’ve split them up by where you might want to wear them. Browse the categories and choose the one that suits your nose…

Woody Fragrances

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These dark fragrances are good for evening wear and work well during the winter. Plus, if you’re sipping mulled wine and lurking beneath mistletoe, you’ll need a strong scent to overcome the smell “noise” all around you.

Spicy Fragrances

If you’re an extrovert and want to be noticed, herby and spicy smells are the ones for you. They work for nights out, but might be too strong for daily office wear – save it for when you’re supposed to be being “charming” and “sexy” in a “disco”.

Fresh Fragrances

Spring and summer fit fresh, green scents with herbaceous notes and if you’re feeling fruity, some flowery embellishment. Wear in the day, but make sure you don’t overdo it, unless you want to go to work smelling like a garden centre.

Citrus Fragrances

Citrus works great for an everyday work situation – orange, grapefruit, lemon – it all works together to perk you up, and won’t be too overpowering for your colleagues. They’re a great pick-me-up for the morning, and post-workout, too.

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