Top Five Chest Hair Styles

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A new study by male grooming brand Braun reveals over 70 per cent of men admit to trimming their body hair, with almost a third taking over 20 minutes to get the job done. Why the fuss to be fuzz free? 41 per cent say a good trim boosts their confidence while almost a quarter admit it’s a labour of love to please their other half.

Moreover, 66 per cent of men view body and facial hair as the new sartorial accessory. With the laudable amount of care and precision going into this integral part of the male grooming routine. Here are the top styles dominating the male grooming landscape as found in Braun’s survey. Welcome to the world of manscaping.

1 The tree


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The typical version of the tree involves shaping a moderate amount of hair on the upper chest with a small trail leading down to the stomach. Most popular among the younger guys, this evergreen approach to manscaping allows men to proudly display a standard growth of hair all year round.

2 The top heavy

The top heavy

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These manscaping heroes rock a well-trimmed mat of hair on the top half of their chest but keep the stomach area smooth. As seen on Keith Lemon and Robbie Williams this look is popular across the board and sported by men of all ages.

3 The rug


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This look epitomises ‘daddy cool’ with celebrity supporters including Tom Selleck and The Hoff. Fans of this style tend to be 25 years and over, with a chest full of hair to be proud of, keeping the look defined with a quick trim over the summer.

4 The snail


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This notable male landscape is popular with younger men who want to keep any hair above the belly button at bay, with a small trail of hair across the stomach.

5 The woolly jumper

The woolly jumper

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Not for the faint at heart, these hirsute gentlemen channel their inner-cavemen externally in a style most popular with guys over the age of 31. To keep this look under control trim the hair to a suitable length on a regular basis.

Joe Warner
Former editor of Men’s Fitness UK

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