Let Knorr Decide What You Should Eat Tonight

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Tired of the same old takeaway or recipes, and wondering what to eat tonight? Let Knorr make the decision for you. They’ve created a 12-question quiz which reckons it can work out which flavours you like, and then recommend some meals. 

We got Deep Sea Dreamer, “a salty sea lover whose favourite fresh flavours come straight from the ocean” (that’s us). Of the three video recipes they recommended – grilled swordfish, mussels mariniere and grilled shrimp skewers – we’re going for the latter. Here’s the video in case that’s whetted your appetite.

It’s also worth sharing your result with friends and family – if only to subtly guide them towards cooking food you like. Knorr also suggests sharing your result with your partner, as someone with a similar palette to you may be more compatible. While that may be true, you may resent them more if they keep stealing from your plate (just us? Okay).

As well as Deep Sea Dreamer, Knorr has recipes for the Salty Adventurer (a sophisticated palate that craves rich flavours), Tangy Dynamo (a sharp and sassy citrus lover), Roasted Romantic (a taste for dark, rich flavours), Gracious Grazer (all about fresh, green flavours), Meaty Warrior (looks for robust, hearty flavours), Spicy Rebel (likes it hot with plenty of chilli and fragrant exotic spices), Melty Indulger (cheesy and proud of it), Rustic Ranger (likes things generously hearty and woody), Earthy Idealist (wholesome earthy flavours), Sweet Seeker (goes bananas for anything sweet, juicy and plump), and Mustard Maverick (pushes boundaries).

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