Five Healthy Fish Dishes From Bart’s Fish Tales

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Instagram: not just a hotbed of puppy pictures, your mate’s holiday pics and ridiculous inspirational quotes but, it turns out, also one heck of a place to get some seriously delicious fish-based food ideas too. Well, if you follow the brilliant Bart van Olphen, that is.

A Jamie Oliver favourite, this Dutchman is the dude behind @BartsFishTales – a smorgasbord of seafood recipes that are quick, easy, and so delicious that you’ll never be able to just walk past a fishmonger’s again.

We got stuck into the chef’s awesome Instagram account (which he dubs “the shortest cooking show in the world’) and reeled in five of our favourite recipes, all of which will have you changing your “big shop” shopping list immediately. We've then followed his link in bio, embedded the step-by-step YouTuberecipe video and linked to the recipe on his website. Dive in.

1. Perfect-For-Snacking Mackerel Spread

You’re going to make this, you’re going to taste this, and you’re never not going to have a batch sitting in the fridge, ready for you to dip your toast/crackers/fist into.

See the full Fish Tales mackerel spread recipe

2. Straight From The Sea Calamares A La Plancha

If “you don't fuck with fish” isn't a cooking mantra, it should be. Squid (which is packed with protein) needn’t be battered and deep-fried to become a total mouth waterer – throw it into a hot pan with some garlic, parsley, lemon, olive oil and seasoning, and you’ll get something that looks this good.

See the full Fish Tales Calamares A La Plancha recipe

3. Super Rapid Chilli Tuna Pasta

It doesn’t get any easier, cheaper, faster and more mess-free than this.

See the full Fish Tales tuna pasta recipe

4. Zingy Peruvian Mussels

Kiss goodbye to that M&S two-for-a-tenner offer – this is your new date night staple and one that’ll give your brain and immune system a good old boost, too.

See the full Fish Tales Peruvian mussels recipe

5. Trendy Octopus Salad

Chances are you’ve seen octopus on the menu at one of the cool restaurants you’ve dined at recently. It’s one of the most on-trend ingredients right now, and when it looks and tastes this good – and is naturally low in fat – it’s not hard to see why.

See the full Fish Tales grilled octopus and avocado salad recipe

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