3 Ways To Make Veg Extra Tasty

Ways To Make Veg Extra Tasty
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Stir-fry green veg in coconut oil and add some spice

“I found green veg so bland and boring when I boiled or steamed it. Then I started to stir-fry it in coconut oil and throw in some chilli flakes and cumin. It tastes amazing, it retains its crunch and not as many nutrients leak out. Plus the coconut oil is a great source of fats that help you absorb all the essential nutrients green veg has to offer.” – Fitness model and personal trainer Olly Foster (action-reaction-training.com)

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Cook seaweed with garlic and chilli to make it delicious

“The smell of kelp, a type of seaweed packed with loads of nutrients, used to make me gag – but then I discovered cooking it with fresh whole tuna, wrapped in foil, with garlic and cracked chilli. I have it with a side of either sweet potato or some mashed parsnips and carrots. I never thought I’d say this, but it tastes like heaven!” – Roger Snipes, a WBFF pro muscle model (@RogerSnipes)

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Adding garlic to any veg dish makes it tastier

“I don’t like vegetables but I know they’re packed with the vitamins, antioxidants and fibre I need. I try to eat a lot of asparagus and broccoli for all their health benefits and make them taste better by cooking them with red peppers, for the vitamin C – plus garlic. It’s amazing how a little garlic makes anything better!” – Sergi Constance, a WBFF pro muscle model and international cover model

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