Do something new this weekend

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Looking for something active to do with your extra hour this weekend? To celebrate the launch of their new blackberry & elderflower flavour this autumn, the makers of Pimm’s have some interesting suggestions.


Rolling down a 160m course at speeds of up to 35km/h inside an orb sounds like a pretty good way to spend that extra hour to us. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being tossed around like a rag-doll at high speeds, all the time knowing you are completely safe form injury. The closest you could get is climbing in a  tumble dryer, but that would be pretty hot, dangerous and vastly impractical.

Scale a wall of sheet ice

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an intrepid explorer head down to London’s Covent Garden and make like Robert Scott by getting a taster of what it feels like to take on a glacier with a 60 minute ice-climbing experience. Even if you have climbing experience, ascending an ice face throws up a whole new set of challenges, plus it looks cool as hell. Pun intended.

Segway safari

Segways haven't really taken off in the UK as much as other countries round the world where everyone from policemen to children can be seen whizzing round the place on this unique mode of transport. This Segway experience lets you explore a 160-acre estate, which is actually a privately-owned country house and working farm. There are muddy tracks and weaving woodland paths to traverse on two wheels along with a slalom course and obstacle complete with humps, bumps, see-saws and a rope bridge. No previous experience is required, but make sure you keep your helmet firmly fastened.

Bungee jump in the dark

If you’re a thrill-seeker based in or near Rotherham or Sheffield, head over to The Abyss at Magna where you can bungee jump 45m – in complete darkness. We're not sure who would want to do such a thing, but the website promises an experience like no other, which we’re willing to believe isn’t just hyperbole.

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